Angela Hou

Instagram: Angelahou57

Name: Angela Hou

Where do you currently live?  Born in Miami, grew up in Taiwan, then came to Singapore at age 13. Currently living in Orchard, Singapore

Favorite drink to order at a cafe? Hot Rose tea

Occupation/title: I’m the CEO of my own skin care line, an online Entrepreneur at Young Living essential oils, and also part of the head committee for FESO Asia (female empowerment that deals with fashion apparels).

How long have you been in this role? I started not too long ago. 2 years.

How did you initially get started? I started by franchising an online business and after a while, I felt the need to have my own brand. It was important to find my purpose and true passion. In life, I really aspire to empower more women and support single moms.

What advice do you have for other women who also want to be in this role? Step out from your comfort zone, it might be intimidating in the beginning but once you conquer your fear, you will emerge to be the best version of yourself!

What do you do in your spare time? I love to pamper myself by having a spa day at home or go to Sentosa Auriga spa for a pampering treat. I love to attend dance classes such as Bellydance and Zumba too. Other than that, I like to attend seminars to constantly upgrade myself.

What or who do you attribute your success to? I really need to thank my mentor Khairul Ariffin who opened up my scope about how I should run my businesses. He is a genius!! A great designer and a successful entrepreneur!

Favorite quote? What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

How do you handle your bad days? On my bad days, I use my essential oils to do a meditation. I also go be around nature or go to the beach to unwind myself. I am a very positive person so I won’t allow myself to be down for too long. Max 3 hours! After all, life is beautiful when you focus on the good things in life. It’s your choice!

What and who inspires you on a daily basis? Tony Robbins and Oprah Winfrey

Whom do you consult for business decisions? My mentor of course. He is very inspiring and a great advisor. He is a millionaire by age 29. I was like…what have I done with my life? He is always 100% right about business decision making. I make mistakes when I refuse to listen.

In what ways do you motivate yourself? I listen to successful entrepreneurs on YouTube and learn from them. I believe in constant improvement and making progress each day!

What is your biggest struggle as an Asian woman in today’s society? How do you handle it? I was only struggling when I came to Singapore at age 13. I didn’t speak any English so I felt rejected but with perseverance, I mastered it in 3 months.

Do you have a morning routine and what is it? I do a morning meditation to prime myself. I think of my goals and practice gratitude for what I have. Afterward, I will head to the gym or do a workout at home. When I’m done with everything, I start my favorite meal of the day! Breakfast!!

What is one piece of wisdom you would like to share with other Asian women?

I think we need to learn to just be ourselves. Do not be confined by how other think of you. Live your life. You only live once. Learn to forgive and let go. Cut off people who are toxic and that makes you unhappy. You don’t need toxic people in your life!

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